Whilst spending money on Paid Search (PPC) and Social Media Advertising channels will definitely generate traffic to your website, simply by throwing more and more money at won’t be sustainable in the long-term. We have a client who’s PPC annual spend had increased by over £400,000 in 5 years to generate the same sales. With more than 4 billion “Google” searches on the internet everyday where your website ranks has never been more important. Of these 4 billion searches over 94% lead to an ‘organic’ link click, with only 5% of searches clicking on the PPC option. Simply by building a website will not bring your traffic or a Page 1 ranking.

Search Engine Optimisation is simple terms is how you make your website easy for Googles Search Algorithm to read your site. Its not an exact science, but there are some set rules to follow to get you to the top of the rankings. Surprisingly it isn’t glitzy content, nor flashy content, or pretty pictures. Although their are over 600 algorithms which Google will evaluate your site on, SEO really comes down to three things: Authoritative & Unique Content, Correct On-page Practice and Assigning Backlink Equity. Get that right plus apply some very creative ideas can help you make it to the first page.

We have a client who in 12 months has increased their organic traffic to their site by nearly 400% by understanding what needed to be done, investing in their site. There are now reaping the rewards of their investment by seeing a huge increase in organic search lead generation which has resulted in a reduction in their Paid Search spend.
Have you noticed when you put in an organic search into Google, that Google delivers content on the right hand side of the page for businesses that are located close to you? Googles clever algorithm recognises that business with a 4 star rating that is close to you is more relevant than one 200 miles away with a 5 star rating. This feature is so important for start-up businesses; we built a site for a new client in July in a highly competitive market; by approaching their SEO with an aggressive approach we have been able to deliver a local digital marketplace saturation with them not sitting in Page 1 Location 1 (Prime Spot) for their main product services alongside their main target locations.
Googles has a very conversational search algorithm and many people who are searching are looking for an answer to a question or for a service to fulfil their needs. These are called intent based queries such as “What is the best…?” and “How can i…” We have found that by addressing these questions using strong content driven articles it has really seen our clients web traffic benefit with quality leads through relevant traffic. We undertook market research, competitor analysis, and keyword research to help define this content.
Recently Google has made it absolutely imperative that your website is mobile-friendly in order to rank highly for search traffic – to the extent they will punish your site if it isn’t mobile responsive. Providing a great User Experience (UX) is key to getting your site lead converting or your sales growing, a good website does not simply resize for mobile; the functionality of a mobile site needs to differ from a desktop format to ensure the UX works for the user.
Remember Google rewards those who care about their site, SEO is an ongoing process, it takes time, it requires investment and like any marketing expense needs to be managed and developed to maximise the results, but get it right and your website visitors will be quality visitors ready to engage with your brand, or ready to purchase from you.

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