In this ‘Digital Paperless’ world do we still need print?

Well, most businesses use printed collateral to function properly or as part of their marketing channels…  It’s usually however not given the attention it deserves, apart from the price per thousand. After all its just INK on PAPER!

In many companies print is ordered by various people and costs are hidden in multiple cost centres – making it almost impossible to monitor or assign accurately to correct cost centres. How can you measure its impact? How can you benchmark and improve its RETURN ON INVESTMENT
If you spend £500 or £500,000 a proper print audit is a must – its simply a process to determine the printed items you purchase, the quantity you order, your annual usage, the paper flow of how it’s used, by who and why? It will highlight the number of different suppliers companies use, with the intention to streamline print purchasing, lowering cost whilst improving quality.
Good printers will save you money by printing at cheaper costs per thousand for realistic quantities of print that won’t become obsolete or wasted, they will monitor and question usage, make proactive suggestions to improve quality and reduce costs.
A Print Audit will look at who is ordering (and why?), help consolidate cost centre usage, but most importantly give you analysis and suggestion to control your budgets going forward. If you have never had a Print Audit then you should book one – they are in most cases FREE and will look to save you money in the long time.
How long will it take?
It really depends on how much print you order and what information and systems you have in place. Ideally we need your supplier list, and your current costs incurred for the past 12-18 months – but most of all we need your willingness to allow your information to be audited, only accurate true cost savings can be reported if we have full transparency. Finally we need ample of all your printed items.
What makes it different from other printers approach?
Our whole business is based around ROI – Return on Investment. We understand the true value of the words on the paper; any print company can put ink on paper – few if any understand the purpose of the print! We aim to help you PRINT FOR PROFIT – we know how to use your printed items to help get more orders, more customers, make more noise, turning your printed items into PROPER SALES TOOLS

Why a Print Audit by Vault-MCM

Our print audit is not just about what you print, how much you print and the cost of it!
Yes we will help you print less
Yes we will help you reduce your print costs
Yes we will help improve the quality.
We do everything that other companies offer,  but in addition, we’ll:
Dissect every bit of your print – understanding its purpose in your business;
Help set out sales & marketing objectives for each item;
Question if you actually need them.
We will document our recommendations and provide you with cost savings analysis report at the end of it. We will also make honest feedback on your content, creative and your strategy – we hope to help you question what you do, and we would hopefully make your marketing channel thought process “REMARKABLE”.

To book a no obligation Print and/or Digital Marketing Audit please just give us a call on 0121 227 5026 or email Jon Arch @