1. CLAIM YOUR BRAND REAL ESTATE – protect your future interests by claiming your brand on any social media site, even if you don’t do anything with it yet.
  2. START SLOW AND LISTEN – start by understanding the social network, they are all very different, you need different tactics and strategies for each network.
  3. TALK TO US – we have guys who do Social Media for a living, buy some time from us, we can give you tips, strategies and most importantly some feedback on your ideas.
  4. START A BLOG – Social networks are like rent a space, its not your own, and you don’t make the rules. Start a blog (like this), and direct some of your social media strategy through your blog.
  5. BUILDING BLOCKS – see what your competition are doing, avoid their mistakes, and learn from their successes. Although Social Media Marketing is your journey, don’t do it blind folded.
  6. KNOW YOURSELF – just like preparing for a business meeting, know your story, know your brand, know your value proposition, and know your strategy. Remember many people you will engage with don’t know you, don’t bore them.
  7. LEARN AND ACT – as you engage with new and existing clients, ensure you act on what they say, be prepared to have some feedback that you might not want to hear, but don’t be afraid to respond professionally to it. Make sure your internal communication lines work.
  8. HAVE FUN – remember Social Media is apparently SOCIAL. Talk like a real person. Remember to L.O.L. & P.M.S.L…
  9. BE SOCIAL – if you have a team, get them engaged too. And don’t just do it through the company, participate in social media yourself, teach yourself the culture, and communication styles.
  10. SCORE GOALS – Unlike my beloved Coventry City ! Don’t just do Social Media just to do it, everything you do, or is supposed to, should have an end goal. This is your Strategy. Social Media is no different, establish your goal and track progress towards reaching them. Ensure you monitor and benchmark, use free tools such as Google Alerts or Social Mention, these will tell you when your brand and products are mentioned, and most importantly be prepared to engage and respond.